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April Update

Hi friends!

I can't believe it's April already. I thought I would put up this short post about where things are at in the world of Qualia Reed.

The book release event for The Shadows Of Athelon (TSOA) was a smashing success. I sold out all the hardcovers and almost all of the paperbacks. It was amazing to get to sit in a room and read some of my stories out loud to real people. An old friend of mine that I haven't seen in years surprised me and said so many wonderful things to me that it made my day. She has meant so much to me over the years and I am so overjoyed that she came and that she loved my writing.

If you liked TSOA, stay tuned because Electron Spin, the follow up, and first full-length novel featuring Esmerelda-09B is coming soon. I am in the process of editing it and writing a few more drafts of it so I can give you my most complete, polished version yet. I am so excited to share it with you.

I also have several novellas in the works that I am really pumped to share with you.

1- Octopus on a train, a monster-epic, shoot-em-up, horror, scifi novella

2- Gods be damned, a gay love and fantasy story

3- PostQuest, A high fantasy romantic comedy in the style of 80's brat pack movies.

4- Starborn, a sexy, romantic scifi about queer space vampires and alien cults.

I've also still got two full novels ready to go! The Conceptual Dawn, and Beyond the Falling Snow, both of which I have been querying to agents and publishers for the last year or two. I will publish one or both in the next year or so if I don't hear anything back from any agents or publishers. I just can't hold onto them for years. I'd rather share them with you then wait endlessly on the slim chance that a publisher wants my work.

Thanks for checking out this update. If you're able, leave a comment below and let me know which of these stories you're the most excited about?

Love Qualis

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