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April Update

Sorry I'm a few days late on April's update! Now it's May! I turn 42 on May 29 and wow... 42 is not an age I ever believed I would get to.

I've got a new blog coming out today so check that out if you want as well as a new edition of my newsletter.

To sum it up quick,

Proton decay first draft is over halfway done!

Second edition of Shadows of Athelon is nearly complete!

The light of Athelon is nearly done the first draft and will be moving to initial edits soon.

3 classes left to go until my masters degree is complete! So so so excited to become a psychotherapist/counsellor/mental health worker.

I can't believe it's been a decade since I graduated nursing school and now I'm taking the first steps into a brand new career. I am so glad to be making this shift as nursing has long ago ceased to fulfil me. Honestly our health care system is broken and I'm done working in hospitals from now on. This new change will allow me to be of service to others and help in a way that doesn't constantly make me feel empty and broken. My heart goes out to the nurses that keep going. You don't get anywhere near enough credit for what you do and certainly not enough pay.

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