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August and the end of summer

Hello and welcome to August. Here in my area of the Pacific Northwest, it is swelteringly hot, dry, and emotionally I sense a convergence approaching. Things are similar for me as they have been the last few months, but there is a landslide worth of change on the way. 2023 has been a huge year for me so far.

I published the collection of Shadows Of Athelon in March, and my novella Starborn in June.

I will continue to write because I can’t stop. Over the remainder of this year, I have four main goals which I would like to share with you. My first is obviously to finish preparing for the release of Electron Spin. Though I don’t have an exact date yet, I will have it out by mid October for a book fest I’m attending. My second goal is to finish preparing Beyond the Falling Snow for publication sometime before the end of the year. My third goal is to finish my horror/monster attack novella Octopus on a Train and release it sometime in the early new year. My fourth goal is my main writing goal and I’m so excited about it.

As of last week, I’ve begun writing the first draft of the sequel to Electron Spin, part 2 of my first trilogy. As of right now, the trilogy is called A Subatomic Seranade (working title, let me know what you think?), and the title of the sequel is Proton Decay. I’m sure I will get distracted and do a few shorts here and there, but my primary goal for the next year is to write Proton Decay. Stay tuned for more updates about that.

On October 14th, I’m attending my first ever book festival! I will be there signing books, (hopefully selling some) and meeting fellow authors. If you’re interested, check out the link below.

That’s about all I have for now, I hope the end of summer goes well for all of you. Don’t forget to go online to amazon, or goodreads, or wherever you can find my book and leave a review, it really helps authors like me get their works out there.

Take care,


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