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Double Release Day!

Today is a special day! December 1st, the final month of the year, and to celebrate, I am happy to announce that it is double release day.

Espresso & Escape Pods is a novella that I wrote a while back and hadn't got around to publishing but I really love it.

It was the last day for the human race, and Kim was not prepared to meet the end of the world without one last good cup of coffee. What starts off as a simple trip down to the neighborhood coffee shop, quickly escalates and she has to decide to take the most random leap of faith or stay behind and meet her doom with the rest of humanity.

It's fun, quirky and romantic with lots of weird, sci-fi elements. It's also my first story to receive a print release! This will only be available on Amazon at the moment because printing is a bit more complicated than digital.

Ebook for 0.99$ and Paperback for 15$

Also this month, is the 4th release in the Shadows of Athelon series, "A Promise Made"

Adrift and barely functioning in the dangerous region of space known as the Stormlands, Esmerelda09-B receives a distress call from the only member of her crew to survive their last encounter with the Human Corporate Republic, whom Esmerelda had thought made it to safety. Her former pilot is being held on a human ship, and now Esmerelda must risk what little life remains to her in order to fulfill a promise that she'd made to the former captain. Will she be able to keep her promise to ensure the safety of her crew, or will she perish in the attempt?

Amazon or wherever you buy ebooks for 0.99$

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