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Happy Holidays

In honor of the winter solstice, I am happy to share this latest novella with you. Here's the blurb!

On the distant world of Kosos, Corvidal is trying their best to live a quiet life and stay out of trouble. As Kosos becomes more densely populated by humans, genderless Ursuans like Corvidal have become the target of racially motivated hate crimes and bullying. Now, as the human holy day of Christmas approaches, the time of peace that Cor had hoped for evaporates, and Cor is pulled into darkness by a cruel man named Carson, who is determined to rid his world of aliens.

I love this character. They are a gender-fluid alien bear species with they/them pronouns and they were a blast to write in this story.

Don't take my word for it, check out this review from Vianne Max, Author of Anahera., book 1 of Isle of Storms.

"Ursus Aeternus will grab hold of you, drag you on a wild ride and make you want to jump with both boots onto the throat of anyone who threatens Cor, the sweetest Ursuan bear-friend you could ever hope to meet. With lush imagery, intriguing characters and a fight for survival and fellowship, this story is one of my favourites."

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