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New Year, New Adventures

Hello fellow space cadets,

As someone who loves science fiction, and as someone who was born in the 1980's, I feel like 2023 is still an abstract future date. Shouldn't robots be walking the streets by now?

This week marks the beginning of a brand new chapter of my life. I'm going back to school, and probably starting a return to my former desk job in the next few months. Writing new stories will undoubtedly have to take a bit of a back seat for the next little while, but it's only temporary.

I'm sure I will keep publishing shorts in that time, and I'd like to share more of my poetry, perhaps here on my website. I also have my novels that I have been submitting to publishers and agents, which I may decide to self-publish this year if I still get no takers from agencies.

Anyway lots to come, but to make sure we don't lose touch, I will be posting here every Monday, so be sure to check this space weekly for more updates, writing, poetry, and more!

Love you,



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