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The Arrival of the Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is especially important to me as I live in the north of the world, where the shortest day and longest night are more noticeable. It makes me think of my roots, which extend back to ancient Celtic peoples and to the ancient Norse. I have a lot of traditions that are meaningful to me on the solstice, but the most powerful recognition today is that we have arrived at the shortest day.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, November begins the grey and dark. Almost every day is foggy, grey, wet, and dark. I often call it "Any time of day O'clock" because 9AM looks identical to 3PM, and the sun goes down at 4. With the solstice, today begins the slow incline and the return of the light. Honestly, that is the best reason to celebrate that I've ever come up with. I like to spend the solstice connecting with loved ones, and the Earth. I will visit the sea, I will touch the dirt, I will connect with air, fire, water and the ground beneath my feet.

I look out from behind my dark brown eyes and see so much darkness, so much cruelty and malice that it makes me want to recede into the dark and never emerge again and yet... I persist. I will continue to persist, even though others would be glad if I didn't. The light in our eyes is fleeting, but if we band together, perhaps we can make things a little brighter. It reminds me of a quote I saw a long time ago that said "Love fiercely, because this all ends."

This year has been a rollercoaster for me for a variety of reasons. I've been off work for nearly two years from horrendous burnout which has left me emotionally crippled in many ways. I've begun taking classes again and was relieved to feel like my brain is still capable of it. I wrote a lot, and regardless of anyone's measures of success, my stories got out there in the thousands, which is astounding. My books are available in my local library, and in school libraries across the globe. My son is almost five, and is healthy and happy. My little family is tight, and full of love and I am forever grateful for that.

I hope that wherever you are, some light finds you today.

Love Qualia

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