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We're Live!

It's finally here!

Both Electron Spin and Beyond the Falling Snow are released and what a journey it's been. My first full-length Sci-fi novel and my first full-length fantasy novel.

Both have taught me so much and I'm very proud of them both.

Wizards of the multiverse unite!

Across the 100 worlds of the grand multiversal empire, magic and steampunk technology exist in a fragile balance maintained by a brutal and powerful emperor. In an isolated, northern village, young Sigir's life takes an unexpected turn when a thief steals his late father's pocket watch. Fueled by determination to recover his precious family heirloom, Sigir is aided by an enigmatic fugitive and his father's magical robot. Together, the trio embark on a journey across the multiverse to recover what was stolen from them. As the mystery surrounding the thief deepens, Sigir finds himself drawn into events that threaten the safety of the entire empire. Beyond the Falling Snow is a tale of chosen family, and the journey of all who grow up in a rapidly changing world.

Interstellar Rock Band saves the day!

After surviving everything the galaxy could throw at her over half a million years, the android Esmerelda did the only thing that made sense to her. She stole a state of the art, experimental starship with her best friend, and started a rock band. Together, they began to travel around the galaxy creating art and music while trying to move on from their respective pasts.

When a strange couple beg for asylum after a gig, Esmerelda feels the galaxy pulling her back into a life of violence once again. She'd sworn to herself that she'd never go back to her life as an assassin, but when events threaten her new chosen family, Esmerelda must do what it takes to keep the people she loves safe.

You can purchase both books as ebooks here on

my website, or send me a message if you want a signed printed paperback, and we can figure out shipping costs.

If you want to purchase an ebook not through me, I tend to sell the most ebooks on the following websites:

Google play books


Amazon Kindle

Apple books


Also as a fun addition, I have a spotify playlist of music from artists that helped me shape the character of Graham, and thus the fictional band of Electron Spin.

Talk soon,


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