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You know you wanna read a free book!

Hi friends, loves, and fellow space cadets!

For the rest of July, you can pick up any and all of my ebooks for free!

I don't like the idea that money (even a few bucks) could be the reason some people can't read my books. If you wanna check any of my work out, and them being free tips you over the edge to downloading, then here we goooooo!

If I could make a request, if you do decide to download for free, please leave a review? I know all self-published authors go on about the power of reviews, but it seriously helps.

Amazon, Google, Goodreads, Smashwords, all can have reviews, you could even copy and paste the same review to all to save time. If my stories can start to get upwards of 50 reviews, it exposes the stories to wider audiences through the search and browse functions on these sites.

Help a Qualia out?

Thanks all!

Love Qualis

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