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About Qualia

Qualia Reed has been many things in their life. A cashier, a school bus driver, a photographer, a paramedic, and a registered nurse. Throughout their life though, writing has always been there and probably always will be until the day they shuffle off the mortal realm.

Growing up in rural Canada, Qualia always felt like an outsider, knowing from an early age that they had different ways of learning from ADHD, as well as being queer and outside the gender binary. In the early 90s in their hometown, no one they knew had the ability to teach them the language needed to properly understand themselves, so they spent most of the next twenty years closeted, lonely, and constantly seeking something that they never quite understood.

As a result, Qualia developed a love for writing stories featuring outsiders, misfits, and troublemakers. Qualia loves writing sci-fi and literary fiction. Of late, Qualia is also developing a love for writing Young Adult fiction as well. Qualia endeavors to create stories that feature POC, as well as Queer and Neurodivergent folks.

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