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A broken-hearted android seeks redemption in a war torn universe.


From the mind of author Qualia Reed comes the complete collection of the science fiction series The Shadows of Athelon. This is the story of a former assassin and royal bodyguard, Esmerelda-09B. After her world is destroyed in the war with the Human Galactic Empire, Esmerelda sets out on a quest to locate the mythical Caliopa Door, the one thing that might reunite her with Kai-Althea, the love of her life, and the princess of Athelon, who died with their world. To reunite with her beloved, Esmerelda must travel across the universe, taking her thousands of years into the future and forcing her to take a leap into the unknown.

When Esmerelda wakes up half a million years later, she is the mind of a sentient starship that is being used to fight in another galactic civil war, in a future so remote that even the memory of Athelon is lost to time. Esmerelda must find a way to connect with people again, to build a new life in a galactic society where nothing is the same as the one she remembers.

Shadows of Athelon (Paperback)

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