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“Did I ever tell you about the time the Earth was nearly destroyed by an alien cult?”


Samantha thought her life had been winding down. She’d led the quiet life of a single, stay-at-home mom since she was 20 years old. When her son moves to Europe to attend a prestigious university, she finds herself alone for the first time in her life. Seeking adventure, she decides to move across Canada to the harbour city of Nanaimo to help an old friend run her coffee shop. Soon after her arrival, she meets the beautiful and mysterious Elucia. What starts out as a late-night hookup quickly becomes a rabbit hole that pulls Samantha into a world of alien psychics, space vampires, and a prophesized battle to save the planet from an apocalypse at the hands of an interstellar cult.


Life begins at 40 in this strange and queer, sci-fi romance by Qualia Reed

Starborn (Ebook)

SKU: 005
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