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New Anthology, New cover

Proud to share the official cover reveal for my new Anthology, The Light of Athelon.

As with the Shadows of Athelon I published a year ago, this will be a seven part Anthology that will only be released on this website. You will get to meet new characters and get reacquainted with familiar ones. I'm pretty excited about it. One of the stories, Chasing Life has already been released! It was published last year but I've pulled it to create the second edition and prepare it formatting wise for the Anthology.

As a teaser, this Anthology will feature the return of Captain Cala Voxe, Kysteria and the crew of the risorgimento: And of course Esmeralda-09B. Stay tuned! Qualia This Anthology will be different in formatting because each short won’t have a unique cover. I often give my shorts away for free or charge 99 cents. I did spend money for this cover to license this image (Credit to Tizianio Cremonini on Adobe stock). But I won't be able to do that for each short as much as I'd have liked to. I'm happy with this cover. I think it looks great and hope you enjoy it as well.

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